What is Pseudo-Homeopathy?

Self-determination (autonomy) in contrast to lack of self-determination (heteronomy) is today already an urgent necessity with regards to the powers of self-healing. This is especially true for those who do not exclusively wish to submit themselves passively to collective, conventional (allopathic) medical care. Homeopathic treatment, as a configuration of forces, requires a distinct way of thinking, both on the part of the homeopaths as well as the patients, which can be learned by anyone. With regards to health, however, this way of thinking differs considerably from the one-sided materialistic views in the media.
This book also serves as an introduction to the general view of the human being which is the basis for homeopathy and is necessary in order to lead a full and prosperous lifestyle.
With the themed concept “pseudo-homeopathy”, the author issues the warning that many homeopathic methods of treatment used today can sooner harm than help.

In order to help you better familiarise yourself with homeopathic thinking, you will find a list of press releases on the topic of homeopathy in the appendix of the book, all of which were published by the Growth-trend Research Institute.