magbo system

The pursuit of the symptom within orthodox medicine has intensified in recent years, causing a self-perpetuating escalation of the costs involved. Technological progress has made it increasingly easy for symptoms to be repressed. The consequence of this repression is the incessant production of further symptoms. This vicious circle poses a growing risk to patients and makes it increasingly difficult to predict the outcome of treatment. In the worst case scenario, this vicious circle can even end in death.
The strategy of orthodox medicine is based on an abstract concept of man which was created in the modern era but is no longer tenable in our postmodern times.
Homoeopathy calls for a different concept of man. A distinction must be made between the constitution and the symptoms; the illness itself and the expression thereof, i.e. the symptom, must not be confused. The approach to problem-solving with homoeopathic remedies also differs fundamentally to the way in which chemically-produced substances are used to bring the body into line.

In the future it will be up to each and every individual to decide for themselves how to respond to the body’s cries for help (illnesses) in the context of their own unique nature: Whether homoeopathy or orthodox medical assistance is the more appropriate option under the given circumstances.

These three essays are intended to help you with this decision. They explore the relationship between homoeopathy and orthodox medicine from various perspectives and consider the crucial question of a concept of man appropriate to our times.
The right decision as to homoeopathy or orthodox medicine may just save your life.