magbo system
The hidden spiritual treasure of early Christianity represents a potential source of answers to the pressing questions of our time. This book is the first attempt to pursue the deep structural similarities of a religion and homeopathic medicine.The human body and the mystery of its energy-bodily instance, life energy, cannot be considered using exclusively intellectual thought. The doctrines passed down from the Orthodox Church Fathers regarding Christology and the Trinity provide the structural basis necessary to understand the metamorphoses of the human powers aimed at by homeopathy. It is not uncommon that these methods result in cases of healing bordering on the miraculous.

The divine energies in the view of man held by early Christianity enable us to reach a new dimension in homeopathy. The loss of access to the divine energies also leads to functional activities without a frame of reference in homeopathy. Handling symptoms without taking into account the constitution as a whole or the use of too high potencies (mega potencies) are thus unsuitable for practising Christians.